Haunted Treasure Hunt Game

Haunted Treasure Hunt

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Everything that you need in this treasure hunt is ready. You have your treasure map, flashlight, and compass. All the steps in your treasure map are so simple. So it was not too hard for you to locate where the treasure is. However, you are not aware that the hunt will end up in the cemetery. You came a long way to stop this hunt so you continued the quest. You grabbed your shovel and started to dig. But as you dig deeper, a treasure is not what you found. Instead, you found a skeleton. And this skeleton is not so happy with what you did. He raised to the ground and started to hunt you down. It became a different hunt since then. He got your things and threw them far away. Now, you don't have something to find your way out.

The only thing that you can use are the clues around the cemetery. You shall run as fast as you can but you must look for those clues while running. Solve all the puzzles to escape from this Haunted Treasure Hunt. This brand new outdoor escape game is made by Enagames for you to enjoy. Good luck and have fun!

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