Haunted House Murder Game

Haunted House Murder

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A terrible murder case took place in this house. A family of 4 used to live here. A father, a mother and their two sons. They were known as a happy family, who fights with the every day problems like everyone else does, but beside that they were a well functioning family. On one rainy night though, it all ended. One of the neighbours heard a scream and rushed over to help. The entrance door was cut in half, the axe that did the work was lying beside the derbish. A blood trail stretched over the hall. It lead to the kitchen. The neighbour grabbed the axe and barged in, to fight the burglar. However, he found the father there. Cooking something. Everything was bloody around him. Even his clothes and face. He was just smiling and staring at the pot...

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  1. Date: August 11, 2016
    Author: TRANCE
    Very easy. Completed within minutes

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