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Hangover Escape

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There's a party over here and a party over there! Yes, this is life! And looks like these alcohols doesn't affect you. After so many shots, your head is still normal. But not until the last shot hits you. The tequila really hits you hard and this is why you have a hangover today. You didn't know the half of what happened last night. As a matter of fact, you woke up in a wrong bed. You are still dizzy and escaping from this unfamiliar room can make you feel better. You need to get out and drink some coffee in your favorite coffee shop to remove your hangover but the door is locked. Looks like the owner doesn't want you to escape. After last night, you promised yourself never to drink again. Like what you said the last time you got sober.

You have to escape from this room even though you still have a hangover. Stay focused and look for objects that you can use to unlock the door. If you are lucky enough, you might also find the key. Play Hangover Escape room escape game from G7 Games and quit drinking after solving this puzzle. Have fun!

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