Hallows Eve House Escape Game

Hallows Eve House Escape

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You are on your way home from the amazing Halloween party. As you are walking home, you see some zombies, monsters, and ghosts. Most of the time you're scared, other times you're not since you can't really tell who's faking it. So you continued walking happily home. Until the weather turned gloomy. The clouds his the moon. So the path became so hard to see. Plus, the rain started to pour. You thought you'll be able to run through it. But it rained hard. So you found yourself a house to shelter from the rain. You looked at it and it looks like a perfect place for a Halloween party. Then you peeked inside. But there is no one around. However, you looked further on. Yet the strong wind blew the door and you can't get it to open. Will you survive the creepy house?

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