Halloween Underground Escape Game

Halloween Underground Escape

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Halloween is not your most favorite time of the year. Most of the time, you end up staying and hiding inside your house. The various costumes worn by people simply freaks you out. It makes you feel like the supernatural are having a chance to walk the world of the living freely. So you just watch your favorite movies and eat your "happy" food until Halloween is over. Then again, experiencing Halloween might be just for you. While watching, you hear the faucet dripping so you go to your bathroom. When you try to close the faucet, you are sucked inside and led to a new world. When you open your eyes, you see the strange world before you. And it totally makes you freak out. However, you realize that freaking out can't do you much good. So breathe deeply and choose your first action.

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  1. Date: October 17, 2016
    Author: TRANCE
    Boring! The game should be designed with the mouse pointer (roll over) command changes to indicate an object is interactive, otherwise it becomes a tedious game of mouse clicking everywhere.

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