Grove Land Escape Game

Grove Land Escape

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For these past few days you were busy sailing, zipping, and walking. Your friend made you sail through the air on a speed boat. You don't know how much you like or hate heights. Then another friend of yours made you zip through the trees. It was such a thrilling experience. But you can't deny the fear you were holding in as you zipped through the trees. The waterfalls you passed by were forming rainbows. The water below was rushing as well. Yet no matter you let your fears go. And instead enjoyed the moment. Then again, another adventure was waiting for you deep underwater. Your friend discovered that you can do helmet diving on an island you're visiting. Without any hesitations, he asked you to go helmet diving with him. You may never get another chance. So you agreed.

After all the thrills, you felt your body could definitely use some down time. It seemed like your mind wanted the same thing. So you looked for a place. It was where you don't have to be tied to a rope. Or wear a helmet. And then you found this peaceful grove. Actually it was very peaceful that you felt time had stopped. And you were in such an enchanted place. Play Grove Land Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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