Grotto Game


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You're okay with doing missions on wide open spaces. It doesn't bother you much since when unexpected things come out, you can run away. But this time, you'll be in a grotto. You've seen a lot of movies where the cave is the venue for the character's death. And it's not like it'll happen to you. But you just want to make sure it doesn't. So you do your research on the things that you need to prepare for. There are a lot and you get sleepy when you read them. You end up bringing nothing and just go with a mind full of determination. You arrive at the location and the green surroundings cool your eyes. However, with every passing of the clouds covering the sun, your heart rate rises. You want to remain as calm as possible. But with this kind of place, can you?

This isn't your first time doing a mission in the wilds. But every mission is unique and every location has its own scary charms. You foot steps on a twig and it makes a cracking noise. It makes you jump and fall down. As you're sitting on the ground, you see some objects scattered everywhere. Your search for the map begins. Play Grotto outdoor escape game by Enagames.


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