Grocery Supermarket Escape Game

Grocery Supermarket Escape

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The supermarket is one of your heavens. You love everything that has something to do with food. And the supermarket is one of its best friends. And you spend a lot of time inside it. You start from the imported products and then think of ways on how to make it authentic. You go through each of the products also checking their nutritional status. After that, you move on to the herbs and spices. While you're still planning your trip to the supermarket, you already have a list of recipes you want to try. So you search for the spices and herbs to be used with the recipes you have. This can take at least take you half the day. It's still the holiday season and this place closes earlier than usual. However, you don't know about this and you end up spending more time than allowed.

Soon, people are starting to leave the place one by one. But you're very busy checking out the rest of the ingredients. You are behind the cans of mushroom so the personnel can't see you. They close the supermarket with you inside. Only after you finish your tasks did you realize that you can't go out. Play Grocery Supermarket Escape room escape game by Knf Games.


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