Green Valley Escape Game

Green Valley Escape

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This is your home: Acornville, Green Valley. It's a little village with population of 47. Usually nothing interesting happens here. Every day is the same. And this is how you like it. Who needs excitement and stress? Right? Well, today it seems this is not the case anymore. The miller who provides the food supply for the village, has gone missing. As the police chief, it's your job to investigate the situation. When you checked the windmill, you found hints about a fighting that took place in the mill and resulted in the miller falling down into the flour. As far as you could tell, he was still able to climb out and run away. You noticed his house keys, lying in the flour. To get it out you have to activate the mill. For that you would need 12 spheres, but those are usually in the miller's bag. 12 acorns would fit too. Good luck!

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