Grand Hotel Lift Escape Game

Grand Hotel Lift Escape

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The famous Yoonie of your favorite show "The Days and Night", is staying at the Grand Hotel. Your office is well aware of this and gave you the opportunity to interview him. You prepared a lot of questions. And these questions are the ones you believe the other correspondents will not be asking. And pretty sure it will capture the attention of Yoonie. So you dressed for the event and headed for the conference room. As you get off from your lift, you saw a familiar figure enter the other one. You're not sure but it looks like Yoonie. So you waited until the lift indicates the number of the destination. However, the number didn't change. So you called out to the person inside and found out that the lift is not moving at all. Then you started looking for ways to rescue the person inside.

  1. Date: October 15, 2016
    Author: dewed
    I put 2 clue papers together. They needed more to complete it. But then they disappeared.

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