Gothic House Escape Game

Gothic House Escape

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House party is always fun and it is your favorite thing so when your schoolmate invited your to her party, you didn't say no. This is so exciting for you and you really prepared for this one. You wore your best dress then you went to the said house. However, the house is not as colorful and loud as you expect it to be. But you still think that it would be fun inside but then again, you are wrong. It is the total opposite of what you expect. The house is so dark and the silence can kill you. It is a gothic house and it is a gothic party. The thing is, you are not a fan of anything gothic. You think that it is really scary so you wished to go out.

But there's an issue. These gothic people won't allow you to go until the party is over. You can't stand this anymore and you really need to escape. Find clues around the house that can help you to escape from this darkness. You have to be quick before they notice this escape plan. Gothic House Escape is the newest outdoor escape game by Avm Games. Good luck and have fun!

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