Golden Statue Helicopter Escape Game

Golden Statue Helicopter Escape

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You are a spelunker and an archaeologist from Europe and you accepted a proposal about a cave system in Cambodia. You take your gear and immediately took the next plane connecting to Cambodia. You were greeted by the Head of Cambodia's Tourism Office. He mentioned that a few years back he contacted other spelunkers to map out the cave system but so far they only managed to map out a little area. The cave system being mentioned was the Il'Fhutikka cave system--a Class I cave. Caves classified as Class I are very delicate and fragile geological formations, they also hold paleonthological and archaeological values, these are the most dangerous caves.

You traveled by helicopter towards the cave opening. A few hours inside the cave, you arrived at the point where the mapping stopped, there was a vertical drop so you assumed no one tried to abseil down. You rigged your ropes and began descending; near the end of your descent your headlamp caught something glistening and when you shifted your gaze you saw something inside a crack: a Golden Statue. You pulled the statue out of the crack but the moment you got hold of the statue someone--or something--cut your rope from above. Can you escape this predicament and head towards your helicopter back to safety?


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