Gold Mine 3 Game

Gold Mine 3

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You were able to escape the previous rooms. But you were wondering if you wanted to escape this one as well. You were inside a gold mine. And you could see many things that distracted you from searching for what mattered most. This gold mine was around for so many years already. However, people feared of being buried underneath the earth. So they chose to stay away from it despite the many treasures inside. You were once one of those people. But when you badly needed some source of income, you decided to let go of your fear. You had no idea what to bring with you and so you bought nothing. Your mind was wondering on what to do when you heard a small voice calling out to you. You looked back fearing that someone might have followed you. But there was no one.

You moved closer towards the mine until the body of the small voice materialized before you. It was giving you a warning of the dangers you might face. You badly wanted to heed his warning. But you had no other better option than to explore and escape the gold mine. Play Gold Mine 3 room escape game by NSR Games.

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