Glenlo Abbay Hotel Escape Game

Glenlo Abbay Hotel Escape

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You are a hotel explorer. And you are invited to stay in Glenlo Abbay Hotel. Glenlo Abbay has a rustic feel. You arrived at the hotel in the early morning. You're very sleepy. So you entered your room with eyes half closed. The bell boy told you something. But you just nod your head and plopped to your bed. You dreamed about a person calling you. He was pointing at something you can't see clearly. You tried coming closer but he is moving farther away. You opened your eyes and it's already morning. And you found yourself in yesterday's clothes. The man in your dream had his picture on the wall. Since you find it creepy, you tried to get out of the room and get some fresh air. But when you opened the door, you can't. So you're first day starts with an escape.

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