Glassy Room Escape Game

Glassy Room Escape

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Glassy means classy. You decided to put lots of glass in your house to make it look classy. Everyone looks up to your house and you seem so flattered by their reactions. So you put more glass to your glass room. Everything is posh and exquisite before the news arrived. The news states that an earthquake will hit your city and it's not safe to stay in your glass room. All the glass will surely fall and break so you have to get out of there before the earthquake strikes. You got your things ready but the door broke when you tried to open it. It's clearly not the best timing for this kind of scenarios. You have to find a way to unlock the door. There are items and in your house that you can use to escape. Collect those items and convert it to an escape tool.

You have to plan your escape quickly or else, those glasses will fall on your face. Escape from the Glassy Room as fast as you can. There are also clues that can help you with your escape. Play Glassy Room Escape room escape game from AVM Games and use your logic to complete this puzzle. Have fun!

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