Glacial Mountain Lake Escape Game

Glacial Mountain Lake Escape

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Nothing is more beautiful than this Glacial Mountain Lake. This is the most beautiful vacation spot. First, because it is peaceful than the beach. Second, because the air is fresher in here. It is also the perfect place for fishing. You chose to be here alone to isolate yourself from the negativity in the city. However, there is a pro and con of staying the mountain alone. It is nice to have your "me time" but on the other side, you don't have someone to help you in times of trouble. You are about to go down the mountain but you lost your way. You don't know which way to go and there is no one to help you out.

So you need to roam around and find clues that can help you to locate the right way. This incident must not spoil your vacation so you have to be calm and be chill and use your logic to escape. Just think that this is just an exciting outdoor escape game and that it's part of your fun vacation. Glacial Mountain Lake Escape is the newest point n' click outdoor escape game from Games 2 Rule that you will surely enjoy. Best of luck!

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