The Ghostly Forest Escape Game

The Ghostly Forest Escape

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A forest near your town is famous because of ghostly appearances. Many people experienced paranormal activities there, but you don't believe them. Walkking straight into the forest, you want to see with your own eyes if the rumore is true. For the first half hour, all you're hearing are the natural sounds of wildlife. This is where you decide to just go back because nothing  is happening. By some force, however, you stop on your tracks, with your heart beating faster. You notice the fog getting thicker. Finally, you heard a loud whispering, Who comes into my home? Cold sweat is running through your back. The voice is so familiar which is why the terror is slowly creeping up on you. You felt a hand gripping your shoulder, My dear came back for me!

The Ghostly Forest escape is point and click escape game by Ainars for Escape Fan. Find all the hidden objects and get out from that haunted forest. Good luck!

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  1. Date: August 23, 2014
    Author: vcam
    I had to play twice to find the hidden "witch" but finally finished. Another beautiful game. Where is that forest? Loved the many scenes. I thought the white mushrooms were fantastic. VCam
    • Date: August 23, 2014
      Author: Ainars
      Hi, this type of forests is in my country Latvia. But I believe that every forest is fantastic.

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