Get Back The Life Game

Get Back The Life

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Day 174: Thoughts and cold. I'm no longer thinking about getting home. I think I just gave up and want to... just live here, I guess. We'll never be able to repair the spaceship. We just don't have the resources. I miss Kobu and Jack. Koawa still didn't recover from the injuries and the poison he got from those creatures. At least, his body stopped changing. We were worried that he would turn into something... But it seems it stopped. I wonder how he will be when he'll finally get his strength back. It's winter now. The secret base we found long time ago is luckily a good shelter to survive this weather. The three of us are getting along pretty well. Andi and Fok are a good company. It's my turn now to look around outside and see if there's anything we could use.


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