Genius Escape 4 Game

Genius Escape 4

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3 years ago, you were in Egypt with your best friend, Michel. You were travelling with a caravan between two cities, when a bandit group appeared and attacked you. It was a huge chaos. Everyone ran where they could. You and Michel managed to shake them off in the ruins of an ancient village. You found a hidden tunnel and waited there until it got peaceful outside. Michel fell over a boy when he wanted to go out. He opened it out of curiousity. There was a lamp in it. He knew what to do and acted. A genie came out of it. He promised 5 wishes to be granted. Then it happened... That monster Michel wanted all of them for himself and used the first one to get rid of you. You were teleported home. Since then, he lives happily in this house. I'm sure he's still not used all wishes. You decided to break into his house and find it.


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