Fruits Forest Escape Game

Fruits Forest Escape

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Once there's a prince who prides himself as the greatest sorcerer in the kingdom. He and his family battles other sorcerer families to see who's the best in magic. He always brings his family to victory and because of that, his family reigns ten years running. However,  a childhood friend who's also battling is able to beat him finally. As punishment, he became a frog and in that form he'll spend a month for it. The prince hid himself within the forest, growing bitter each day.

One month passes and he turns back into a human. However, the experience only enrages him and cast a curse on the whole forest. The forest froze in time. The creatures turned to stone and the plants growing poison instead. As a young wizard-in-training, you learned that that spell can be broken but you must create a potion. This potion contains the four sacred ingredients scattered all over the forest. There's no time to lose. The entire forest is clamouring from pain and you musn't give up hope. Good luck!

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