Fruit Kitchen Escape 11: Pineapple Yellow Game

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Here is the 11th episode of Japanese Fruit Kitchen Escape game from Funky Land. Imagine in the game you are a mother who's son had been studying abroad for years and he had come home relatively rare in the last years. One day you were sitting in the sofa in your livingroom when suddenly your phaone rang. It was him and informed you that he was going to arrive home this afternoon unexpectedly because he managed to pass all of his exams before schedule. You didn't waste your time and after you put down the phone you started to bake his favourite cake. You were preparing it when suddenly you realized you run out of milk. You put on your shoes and wanted to leave to the nearby supermarket but found the entrance locked and the keys were missing from its holder. Find hidden objects and fit them together to get out. Have fun!



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