Frozen World Escape Game

Frozen World Escape

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A man is now fighting for his life in a frozen place. Because of it, he is an exile in a barren land where almost nothing grows or lives. Currently, he survives by building a makeshift shelter at the nearby cave and catching fish through a hole on the pond. As the days go by, the man learns many things, thus, becoming stronger because of only one thing. He  learns to hunt and fend predators away but is restless. Hence, he wants justice. During the next few months he plans for an escape. Carefully treading the route, he avoids the ones where soldiers are scouting the place. He silently treads the snow-laiden path, nearing escape.

Frozen World Escape is a point and click game by Ainars for Escape Fan. Explore frozen lands of mysterious location. Search for seven stars and exit key to unlock portal and escape. Good luck and have fun!


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