Frozen Lands Escape Game

Frozen Lands Escape

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It's a peaceful and quiet town. Alaska offers that much to me and my son. Moving here from that awful place is the best decision that I made. Futhermore, I love the friendly people here and because it' a small town, it's a tight community. This time, everything will be alright and I can finally breathe well. Receiving news that the products I ordered for my store are coming soon,  I asked my neighbor, Mr. Keegan, to help me with transporting the goods. He has his own sled and three pairs of huskies that my son and I adore. He and his wife looks out for us because they never had any children of their own. Soon, we are racing through snowy plains to the airport. Unbeknownst to us, an avalanche is racing towards us. It only took a few seconds to overtake and bury us beneath its coldness.

Use your mouse to look for helpful objects around the land just like in every point and click escape game. The entertainment is guaranteed, so don't linger and give it a shot now! Best of luck!

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