Frog King Escape Game

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The king was cursed when he was still a child. A witch flew into his chamber in the form of a raven and put a spell on him. A palace maid heard the witch as she cursed the king to become a frog when he reaches the age of 20. People say the witch was in love with the old king but when he chose the queen instead of her, she swore to have her revenge. Seemingly, she wanted to fulfill it on a poor, innocent child. After years passed, the boy was raised well and grew into a fine man and a good prince. When the old king passed away, he inherited the throne and the kingdom started to live its golden era. However, on the night of the king's 20th bithday, he disappeared from the ceremony. Everyone started to search for him. Suddenly, you remembered the curse and ran into the forest. You found the king's clothes lying on the ground and a frog near to it. Could it be...? Let's catch that frog somehow. Good luck!


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