Freak Room Escape Game

Freak Room Escape

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Your sister loved to tease you. Tomorrow is Halloween and you are very scared because you believe that she is preparing something to scare you. You can’t sleep well, you always think of her foolish ideas. You woke up and check your house. Your mom went to work early in the morning and would be back later at night. She called you and told you that she gave money to your sister and let you check out the store for a good costume for the party later. You called your sister to get your money and checked inside her room. As you went inside she locked you on her room. You are crying and check the light but as you turned the light on, the room freaks you out! She redesigned it, it’s too creepy and the music makes it all worst! In this game created by WoW Escape you need to go out in this room and prove your sister you won’t get affected by her prank anymore! Enjoy!

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