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Fort Ruins

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The Fort Ruins now serves as a tourist attraction for the town where it stands. It still has all the cannons and old ammunitions left behind by the soldiers during the last war. The Fort is a museum and restaurant during the day and a nightclub by night. Mr. Warbucks, the owner, without doubt saw the need to make changes because it is, afterall, a landmark of epic size. Furthermore, it's helping the community thrive by donating half of its profits to the restoration of his town. Because of this, he is very popular among the townsfolk. However, not everyone is happy with his success. One day, Mr. Warbucks was tricked into the cellar of his club and got locked inside. He must now find a way to escape before this person causes more harm.

Fort Ruins is a point and click escape game by Ainars for Escape Fan. Explore ruins of the fort, search for clues and various items. Unlock safes and obtain cube to unlock exit door. Good luck and have fun!!


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