Forest Valley Escape Game

Forest Valley Escape

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Hiking is the best way to release your stress. So you teamed up with your friends to go on a hike. You decided to go to the Forest Valley and push through your hike in there. By the time you got to the valley, a game came into your mind. You all thought that a little race would be fun. Whoever gets to the top first will have a bragging right forever. This serves as your motivation to reach the top. They are lucky because they have a GPS and a tracking device with them. Because of this, it's almost impossible for them to get lost. But in your case, you don't have anything in hand except a backpack and an extra shirt.

In short, you don't have enough paraphernalia so you had a hard time finding the right way. You have to escape from the Forest Valley and find your friends before the sun goes down. Use your logic to analyze the clues what you will find along the way. There are also items that you can collect in the forest and it can surely help you with your journey. Play Forest Valley Escape and enjoy this newest outdoor escape game made by Key Games for Mouse City. Good luck!


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