Forest Little Angel Escape Game

Forest Little Angel Escape

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The stars are twinkling in the night sky like they are smiling at you. The soft wind is blowing like it's whispering its lullaby to you. You close your eyes and smile as you look at the sky and feel the gentle breeze. Every time you do this, you feel like you belong somewhere. It's like someone somewhere is waiting for you. Yet this is a mystery in your life that you really can't uncover. The rest of the campers are slowly getting inside their tents to sleep. Your eyes are getting heavy as well but you can't let go of this wonderful view in front of you. Then you see something glowing floating in the sky. Since you're in the forest, you're only thinking that it must be a firefly. However, when you think about it, it must be somewhere high up in the sky.

So it also means that the thing is quite big. Suddenly, the glowing thing comes rushing towards you. You jump from your seat trying to avoid it. But the thing passes you by and lands somewhere in the forest. So you instantly rush to its location to find an angel. Play Forest Little Angel Escape outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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