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Forest Frog

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Frogs are so cute but most of them are poisonous especially those which are in the forest. In line with this, their looks can be deceiving because most of the time, those which are more colorful are the most poisonous ones. You wish that you knew all of this when you went to the forest. You were walking through the forest when you saw a cute little frog but the cuteness suddenly switched into viciousness when you saw that he poisoned a large animal. From that, you knew that it's quite dangerous to stay in the forest. But the more you try to escape, the more these frogs show up. It's not safe out there and you really have to find a quick way to escape. It's a bad timing that you forgot the way out so you have to find clues that can lead you the correct path.

There are also lots of puzzles in this forest that you need to solve before you can escape. Play this brand new outdoor escape game from Escape Games 3. Escape from the Forest Frog by using your logic and escape skills. Try to escape before the timer runs out. Good luck and have fun!

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