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Forest Adventure

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You want to live life to the fullest and you won't say no to any adventure. For today's adventure, you went to the forest to learn survival. You are in a group but you saw a massive tree. This tree caught your attention so you brought your camera out to take a picture of this beautiful tree. You got a nice shot but what's not nice is the fact that you lost your group. They carried on without you. The worst is, you don't have a compass or anything to find the way out to the forest. But instead of feeling lonely, you felt happy. This is the kind of adventures that you like and you take this as a challenge.

It's an escape game inside the forest and this could be the greatest adventure of your life. Since you don't have anything that can help you to escape, you must find clues and hints that can lead you to the way out. Play this Forest Adventure and stay positive that you can accomplish this challenge. This brand new outdoor escape game is from Mirchi Games. Go through the forest and collect items that you can use to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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