Foggy Autumn Forest Escape Game

Foggy Autumn Forest Escape

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You are a biologist studying a special type of fungus which prefers dry weather conditions better than its counterparts. On a foggy autumn day you decided to go out to the nearby forest and take samples. This type of fungus only grows underneath uncommon trees by their roots. Eventually, these samples are to be strip down as a concoction for medicinal purposes. Furthermore, you're hoping that it will cure most diseases known to mankind. Unfortunately, you failed to secure funding from the government. Because of this, you are finding ways to get by with your experiment.

One day, you were strolling in the forest when suddenly you realized you lost the right path in the thick fog. Above all your compass were broken and didn't sign the right directions. Explore the foggy forest, search for items and forest inhabitants. Find the key of the old church in order to escape. Good luck and have fun!


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