Flower Fantasy Forest Game

Flower Fantasy Forest

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All of your wildest fantasy about a flower is in this forest. One is the flower that can talk and the other is the flower that can walk. However, both of these flowers can't help you to find your way out. Now you wish that you also fantasized a flower that can navigate locations. Because these flowers can't help you with your situation. You lost your way to the forest and now, you have to figure things out on your own. Thankfully, there is a flower which can provide you clues that can help you to solve all the puzzles along the way. However, its power has limits so you have to use your logic to make the escape successful. You have to escape from the Flower Fantasy Forest before night time or else, you will turn into a flower.

So you have to be quick and start to look for the clues around the forest. You also need to look for items that you can use for this escape. Find and collect those items as soon as you can. Play this brand new outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games and escape from the Flower Fantasy Forest. Good luck and have fun!

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