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Find Wood Cutter

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After bumping your head with that of a goldfish, you easily forgot stuffs. You only realized this when you went inside your house. Your heart was beating faster as your forgot if your should turn left or right after walking out the door. It didn't happened once. So you started wondering how you came to this. You looked back but you can't really remember what happened anymore. Your friend came to visit you and talked about how you hilariously bumped your head to a goldfish. Then you thought that you had found the answer. Your friend was wondering about what you were talking about. But you didn't let it out until you were very sure. To think more of your theory, you set out to the forest. You brought with you a wood cutter in case you'll find it in you to bring some wood home.

You reached the house and you got tired. So you rested for a while. Just then, you looked around and wondered why you were there. You remembered you were there to rest. However, hunger was knocking on your stomach. You set out but after a few steps, stopped. You looked at your hands but the wood cutter wasn't there. Now you have to find it before going home. Play Find Wood Cutter room escape game by Avm Games.

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