Find The Ticket Game

Find The Ticket

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Your vacation has come to an end. It was really a fun vacation indeed. As a matter of fact, you even extended your stay in the resort. But all good things must end so it's time to pack your things and get ready to go home. The management is so good and they even gave you free items for you to enjoy your flight. You grabbed your wallet to give them a tip but you noticed that your plane ticket is not there.  You unpacked your things to look for the ticket but it was also not in there. This is an emergency case. You can't leave the country unless you have that ticket. Your flight is very soon and the time is running low.

The ticket is probably in the room. Find traces and clues that can help you to find the ticket. You don't have enough money to rebook your flight so you have to find it before your plane arrives. Look under the bed, in the bathroom, on the couch or in any place that you can think of. Play Find The Ticket room escape game developed by Enagames and don't let the plane leave you behind. Good luck and have fun!


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