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Find The Rana

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Rana is a very rare specie of frog. In fact, it is so hard to find. You can only see that kind of frog in this farm. So many people come here everyday just to see the rana. However, not all the people have the same aim. Some people won't settle in viewing the rare rana, some of them wants to smuggle a frog. This is why you keep the security in farm tightly. Unfortunately, there is someone who passed through the security. On the good note, you saw him before he smuggles the frog. But on the bad note, the frog is already missing. The suspected smuggler ran away so you didn't had the chance to ask him where the frog is. Because of this, you have to Find The Rana in your own way. There are hints that can lead you to where the frog is.

There are also items that the smuggler left and it can serve as a clue. However, you still have to use your logic so you can successfully Find The Rana. Play this newest room escape game by Avm Games and try to Find The Rana as fast as you can. Good luck and have fun!

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