Find HQ: Honolulu Game

Find HQ: Honolulu

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Who doesn't want to be in Honolulu? This is the best place to hang during summer. However, to relax is not your priority right now. You have a secret mission and Honolulu is the venue for your special meeting. This place is perfect because everyone is busy getting tanned. In other words, the place is unsuspicious. The meeting is about to start but you don't know where the headquarters is. You must be there before it starts because you don't want to miss anything. Nobody should know about the headquarters so you can't ask help from anybody. For this reason, you have to use your own logic to find the HQ. You must be mindful of the clues around the area. Those clues can surely lead you to where the HQ is. You must also focus and don't let the amusing waves distract you.

You might also encounter some puzzles that you need to solve. So you really need your logic to solve all of those. Find HQ: Honolulu is the newest outdoor escape game from Selfdefiant for Hooda Math that you will surely enjoy. Roam around the beach and collect the items that could help you in this mission. Good luck and have fun!

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