Ferret Room Escape Game

Ferret Room Escape

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Ferret Room Escape is point and click escape game developed by Ainars for Escape Fan. Imgine you are an addicted ferret lover who have been keeping this unique pet for years. You have won several beauty competition with this special animal which engaged most of your time. One day new neighbours moved into the adjacent house and for your biggest surprise they were addicted to this mammal too. They have a female entity which immediately attracted your male. The next days you went out frequently with them to take the animals out for a walk. Both of you wanted to prevent their mating because you had no spare strenght to tend on younglings too. One day you went to the supermarket and locked the entrance behind you as usual. The ferret wanted to do everything in order to get out and meet the female while you were away. Search for different clues around the house and fit them together to help him to get out. Good luck!



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