Farm Escape 2 (First Escape Games) Game

Farm Escape 2 (First Escape Games)

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More than a year of living near the farm gave you an idea of how they live. And you know that they don't have it easy. The farmers need to wake up very early and head out to their plants to tend them. Others go to their animals and guide them to the grazing grounds. Most of the farmers are old people. Some young children just go with them for a couple of hours. So these old farmers have to walk slowly to go home by themselves. Most of the time they reach their home safely without any problem. But other times, they end up getting lost among the tall plants and winding roads. You don't really know the way around as well. A motorcycle takes you to and fro to your destination so don't take note of the directions much.

However, as you are on your way to the farm, you see a man walking back and forth in his farm house. You're thinking he might be just waiting for something. So you ask him but his reply quite surprises you. So instead of going straight to the farm, you stop and help the farmer escape his own farm house. Farm Escape 2 (First Escape Games) outdoor escape game by First Escape Games will make you further open your mind.

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