Fantasy Statue Garden Game

Fantasy Statue Garden

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It's great to be in the garden and your favorite part is the fantasy statue. The myth says that if you throw a coin in the fantasy statue, your wish will come true. However, your wish is to be rich. With this in mind, you collected all the pennies in the statue. On the other hand, you haven't heard about the second myth. And that myth says that the fantasy statue is alive and he locks all the thieves in his garden. He saw what you did so he locked in his garden. The only way to escape from his garden is to solve all the puzzles that he made. These puzzles are so tricky but he left some clues around the garden that can help you out.

The thing is, you have to escape before the timer runs out or else, you will be the one who'll replace him as a statue. And of course, you don't want that to happen. So you have to start to escape as soon as possible and find those clues. Fantasy Statue Garden is a brand new outdoor escape game by Mirchi Games that will surely test your logic. Good luck and have fun!

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