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Fantasy Land

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You are waiting for your grandma in your bedroom because you're anticipating a new story. Your grandma tells the most fantastic bedtime stories ever. Grandma sits in a chair by her bed and starts telling you of a magical land where creatures of  of different shapes and sizes come together under the full moon. Finally, you drifted off to sleep. Soon, you found yourself in a strange place. This is a land of dreams, where you can to see things that no human have ever seen before. But you are aware of the fact that once you got to this land. Grandma has the power to send you tot the place where her stories happen. Now you have to prove it that you will be able to escape because it's how grandma trains young Dream Casters like herself.

Fantasy Land is a point and click escape game in which you got lost in the fantasy land. You just have to investigate all the locations and find useful items. Use those items to solve the puzzles and find the own which will help you open the exit door. Good luck and have fun!


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