Fantasy Forest Witch Game

Fantasy Forest Witch

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You just knew that you were a witch. No wonder your parents let you be off on this trip alone. They said something'll be revealed to you soon. You thought they were just joking and that they'll pop up by your side. There was always something weird about them. But you thought everyone's parents were weird. So you just lived like they were the most normal beings you knew. You never had a problem with them anyway. When they heard the good weather for tonight, they instantly asked you be on a trip. They took care of everything and you just have to follow the route. It was boring too. So you took up their offer. It was quite weird that they already packed your stuff for you. Still, you believed it was just how it was supposed to be.

You were on your way when some stranger came up to you. They were looking for your broom. They said you should already have it by now. What they were saying confused you. Then suddenly, one of them whisked you up and then let you fell in the forest. You heard your mom's voice somewhere. She was telling you to fly your way out. But first you needed to find your broom. Play Fantasy Forest Witch room escape games by Mirchigames.

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