Fantasy Cat Escape Game

Fantasy Cat Escape

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Your cat is really weird. For a few months, you're able to touch him. Every time you try, you end up having scratches. Then one day, he comes home with a lot of wounds. He's bleeding badly that your house has bloody prints almost everywhere. You really don't like blood and you're feeling dizzy because of it. His blood drips out of his wound and it makes me think of losing him. But the next morning, his wound stops bleeding. He's eating well and begins to be active again. But the difference is that he can stand you touching him. He even rubs his face and body to you. Something he can't do months ago. Then you see something weird on his neck. You didn't place anything collar on his neck. But he's wearing something now. You look closer at his collar and see something spinning inside.

Then a very bright light shines on the room. It's coming from the collar. And your cat disappears. You go straight to the bright light and find yourself in a fantasy area. You look around and see your cat inside a cage. So hurry and run over to the cage. But setting him free is a challenge. Fantasy Cat Escape is an outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

  1. Date: January 11, 2017
    Author: Marijke
    Really annoying, in the middle of the game it just went. Its the third time it happend.

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