Fantasy Bird Escape Game

Fantasy Bird Escape

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Fantasy Bird Escape is a point and click game from Ena Games. Imagine you watched a documentary film one night about the amazonian jungle. You decided to start saving money in order to afford a journey there. One day you gathered enough to book a plane ticket and a hotel there. The next month you were already on your way there. As you arrived an unfamiliar hot air hit you. Hence you couldn't sleep well at night so was very tired the next day when you travelled to the nearby jungle to explore its wildlife and its spectacular view from above. As you were walking in the dense forest suddenly you glanced a cage in a rock with a bird locked inside. At first you tought you just slept a few so it was not real. As you approached it the bird started to move so you realized it was not a joke. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to help the little bird escape. Good luck!



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