Fancy Statue House Escape Game

Fancy Statue House Escape

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"I'm so fancy!" You let your speakers blast out the music as you're driving on the highway to your accommodation. The day's events are slowly filling you up with negative thoughts and emotions. And you can't just let them stay inside you or else you'll feel hopeless throughout the entire duration of your vacation. So to make yourself feel better, you book a fancy statue house somewhere outside the city. It's a refreshing getaway for you. There you won't be able to hear the honking of cars that remind you of your boss' nagging. Also, you get to see the greens of nature there instead of the greens of your colleagues. You really need this break or you'll begin spatting lava to the whole office. As you look at the distance, you slowly see your destination getting bigger and bigger. It takes at least an hour to get here.

Now you can start clearing your head of all the ugly thoughts that gather there. You can start relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet this place has to offer. You enter and your eyes circle around the place. Something's a bit off but you can't tell what. That's until you can't get out of the place. Fancy Statue House Escape is an outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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