Fairy Mushroom Escape Game

Fairy Mushroom Escape

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You created a beautiful garden in your backyard. Before, it was just an empty space. You don't like looking at it as it reminds you of the emptiness you're feeling. So you searched for plants that adopt really well to the kind of soil and climate your place has. It took quite a short time for you to make your flowers grow. You check it before planting them. It should at least take a few months. But yours grew in just a few weeks. You don't know why but you're very thankful about it. However, you somehow feel that there's a magical force behind the growth of your flowers. Every night before going inside the house, you talk to your flowers. It's something you do to air out your stress for the day so you can sleep well. Every time you speak to your flowers, it's like they can understand.

The flowers would shake a little. This helps a lot as you feel someone really is listening. And you're doing this again tonight. However, instead of just shaking, you notice something glowing on the flowers. You look closer and then you're pulled inside. When you open your eyes, you see a different world where mushrooms are like houses. A fairy then appears asking for help. Play Fairy Mushroom Escape outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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