Experimental Laboratory Escape Game

Experimental Laboratory Escape

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Your opened your eyes and was blinded by the overhead lights, you looked around and the room seems strange to you. You looked towards the left and saw vials and glasses of various sizes and shapes, to your right were several blood-stained surgical gloves heaped on a metal table. You felt the weakness and frailty of your own body while trying to sit straight noticing the scars and stitches all over your chest and arms. You then tried to collect yourself attempting to remember or recall what happened but with no luck, it seems that your memory had been swiped clean. You looked for clues inside the room and managed to get your hands on a patient information sheet and some scribbled notes on several pieces of paper and hat's when it hit you...you are being experimented on, injected with different kinds of diseases and pathogens. Work your way out of this lunatic scientist's lab before he comes back and realizes that you are awake!


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