Excavation Escape Game

Excavation Escape
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Excavation Escape is a Japanese point'n click game from Irresponsible. Assume you are an archeologist who had been making researches about the ancient Egyptian country for years. One day you were sitting in your workroom when suddenly your phone rang. It was one of your Egyptian friends who informed you that a giant and since unknown sculpture was found in a pyramid. The next day you already were on a plane heading to the scene. When you arrived you also were amazed about its size. You immediately started to explore and clean its dusty parts. While you were sweeping down the sand you realized the statue was pointing to a room. You tought something bigger pageant could be hided there. You entered and started to search for clues. A breeze suddenly shut the door behind you and it became locked. Find hidden objects and fit them together to escape. Good luck and have fun!


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