Evil Carnival Game

Evil Carnival

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You already find carnivals a bit weird. They always have some stuffs that are just out of this world. It's not that you're not curious. But you just can't help but freak out at the thought that all the weirdness are in one place. So you usually just go to carnivals in the light of day. You likewise get your strength in number. The presence of your friends takes your mind off of the creepy things in the carnival. But the one you're on now is on a whole new level. It call itself an Evil Carnival. You never wish to be here but your friends are really curious. They can't really go to many places unless you're with them. Their parents trust that you won't let them go to places that can endanger them. But you're quite easily pushed around and you find yourself inside this carnival.

You are watching a show with your friends when something strange happens. You hear the person beside you talking about magical sticks with wings. It sounds like an adventure and you want to join the search. So you look for more information to finish the mission. Play Evil Carnival outdoor escape game by Enagames.

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