Escape Within 10 Minutes Game

Escape Within 10 Minutes

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Escape Within 10 Minutes is escape game from Enagames. Assume you were having a trip alone in the nature because you were fed up with your boss and you wanted to release the stress with a pleasing hike. As you were strolling between the hills you glanced a small hut. You set out in the direction of it and found comfortable chairs on its terrace. You set yourself into comfort and fell into deep dreams soon. When you woke up an old man was covering the sun in front of you. He introduced himself gently then invited you inside to a cup of tea. But you were unaware that he is a cruel kidnapper. When you sat down in the livingroom he left you alone and didn't reappear for hours. You wanted to leave the house but found the door locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to escape. Have fun!



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