Escape Tuscan Villa Game

Escape Tuscan Villa

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The weather truly is unpredictable or someone else is just playing a trick on you. You set out at sea with the sun shining brightly. You check the weather forecast for today until the day ends. It looks like it's the perfect time to be out on the sea. However, after a few minutes of being at sea, strong winds starts blowing making the ship rock. You try to balance it and keep it steady. A few minutes pass by and the strong winds stop blowing and the sun slowly shines. Your mood lightens up once more. Your journey is moving smoothly again. However, after a few miles, the weather starts to get bad again. Dark clouds are looming overhead and then lightning starts to show. Thunder is also roaring and the waves are getting rougher. You choose to swiftly change route to safety.

But it seems like a force stronger than nature is working against you. You ship turns to bits and you wash up on a shore with a very nice Tuscan villa. You feel like you don't need saving in this beautiful place anymore. However, you also want to get back to your home. Play Escape Tuscan Villa outdoor escape game by Mouse City.


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